Backyard Battalion Series One Pack - Dusty Tan

Backyard Battalion Series One Pack - Dusty Tan


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Toy soldiers with a nostalgic twist! Celebrating the days of playing “war” with your friends outside, the Backyard Battalion are ready for adventure, complete with sticks for guns, pine cones for chucking and old pie plates for land mines! We have medics (ready with a band-aid or a refreshing juice box), communications officers (with their trusty can on a string), cardboard tube bazooka soldiers, machine gunners (wiffle-ball bats with clothespin sights), even a loyal dog to help retrieve thrown tennis balls! Everything you need for an epic battle that’ll last until mom yells for them to come inside and have a grilled cheese!

Each pack contains 14 pieces and a 20”x20” vinyl playmat! Free cut-out tent on the back of the header card!

Limited edition of 500 pieces! Get ‘em before they’re gone!

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